Electronics Design Consultancy

If you’re looking to outsource some design work then drop us a line. Our experience is wide but these examples give a small flavour.

Low/zero power electronics – we can help with low power battery designs where both hardware and firmware have a huge effect on battery life. We’ve also experience in zero power electronics, which uses energy harvesting such as power line induction, solar cells and radio energy e.g. NFC from a smartphone.

Cameras – our most well known design is the Award Winning FishSpy, which combines a mini camcorder with a webserver and a standalone WiFi access point, and all squeezed into a fishing float!

Controllers – STM32, Microchip, Atmel – we have experience and tools, for most of the current families and we’ve designed hardware and firmware for all sorts of peripherals.

Memory Boards – Memory is a fast moving commodity and products using custom memory boards can face obsolescence issues. We’ve updated and redesigned memory boards to use up to date devices, thus extending product lifetimes. If we might be able to help, get in touch.

Problem Solving

If you’re stuck with an “electronics related problem” (there’s quite a loose defintion to this!) you could aways run it past us. Here are some examples.

One client was struggling to analyse several years of field returns data. We used our experience to process the information and identified a small number of recurring faults that could then be addressed.

On several occasions we’ve been asked to help source critical obsolete components. In a few cases there was no replacement available so we reached agreements to amortise the development cost and designed one.

The final example was an issue with plastic front panels, which had become brittle and started breaking over time. New tooling was out of the question so we created a 3D printable replacement, again amortising the development cost.

Contact us to find out more and see how we can help.