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An evolution in engineering
Sometimes the most effective way to meet your company’s project objectives is to commission a bespoke engineer specifically engineered to meet your organisation’s particular requirements. Our approach is to transfer the skills and knowledge to ensure you are self sufficient and confident to proceed without our support.
This could involve tailoring one of our existing engineer programmes, or devising an entirely new project outline to meet your specialist requirements. Our fresh, agile and flexible approach means every engineer is different: reflecting the cultural and corporate needs of each client. Cras nunc justo, porttitor sit amet commodo vel, tempus id mauris. Nunc aliquet pulvinar nibh, ut fringilla quam iaculis ac.
Working to meet your targets
Along with supplying complete ranges of leading brand engineers, components, graphics and jewellery, ABC Engineers are actively involved in promoting the ABC Engineer Partner Scheme. The various technologies and engineer systems that are represented and supplied by ABC Engineers and their local partners comply with W3C 9061EN standards. Donec euismod neque vitae turpis pulvinar at ullamcorper risus dapibus. Nullam dui quam, blandit sed suscipit in, tristique in nulla. Cras lobortis rhoncus ornare.
Many of the limitations with previous carpeting tools were down to the way that the document’s layout engine was implemented. Blue Widgets steps away from the accepted canvas based engineering view in favour of a pixel based implementation similar to that used by Widget Corp tools such as Pink Widgets and Yellow Bricks.

In fact, you may be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at Yellow Bricks when you first see the Blue Widgets workspace. Widget Corp’s aim was to create a tool aimed at engineerers and it shows.