Rail Vehicle RFID AVI Tags

Omni ID ExoTags

Rail Vehicle RFID automatic vehicle identification (AVI) Tags, Network Rail Compliant and ready to fit. Tags available for Freight and Passenger vehicles. Tags when programmed include european vehicle number translation to correct tag ID as per GS1 Rail AVI guidlines.

Product Description

Automatic Vehicle Identification is rapidly rolling out across the UK rail sector. Network Rail have approved the technology and it’s now mandatory for most new vehicles entering service. Cnection works with a range of rail vehicle manufacturers and operators supplying industry proven tags. The tags are completely passive, with no battery and will last the lifetime of the vehicle. ATEX options are available and all tags can be supplied optionally fitted with a 3MTM VHB adhesive backing, removing the need for mechanical fixings. Tags can also be supplied pre-programmed and labelled – see our other data sheet for details.

Key Features
The tags have been chosen to meet the challenges of rail as well as other industrial applications. Key features of each device include:

  • Network Rail industry proven devices
  • Ruggedised and passive – no battery
  • 3MTM VHB adhesive backing option
  • ATEX option available (subject to MOQ)
  • Programming & Labelling option
  • Individually tested and verified
  • Quick turn around service


  • Rail AVI Trackside Vehicle Identification
  • Maintenance Activity Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Location Tracking


  • UK Network Rail / European EVN GIAI


  • Freight Tag
  • Passenger Tag
  • 3MTM VHB adhesive option
  • ATEX option (subject to MOQ)
  • Programming & Labelling option
Freight Tag
Passenger Tag

Contact us to ensure correct tag selection for your applicantion and to discuss your programming and vehicle details to check the correct data translation. Click here or use the contact details below.

Download tag supply datasheet here

Download tag programmming services datasheet here

Technical Specification

RFID Technologies UHF EPCGlobal Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
AVI Technologies UK Network Rail / European EVN GIAI
Read Range Up to 10m @125mph (proven at 3m & 7m)
Freight AVI tag size 139mm x 53mm x 15mm
Freight AVI tag weight 60g (with VHB adhesive option)
Passenger AVI tag size 52mm x 48mm x 10mm
Passenger AVI tag weight 25g (with VHB adhesive option)
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